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Re: kdepim and akonadi

On Sunday, 2011-09-04, Luca Brivio wrote:
> In data domenica 4 settembre 2011 09:34:16, Kevin Krammer ha scritto:
> > For direct syncing have a look at SyncEvolution.
> > It can both be used for syncing with a server and with devices.
> > 
> > See http://kshadeslayer.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/gsoc-update/ for KDE
> > related news about it.
> This is interesting, too (I had previously been fooled up by the
> "Evolution" part!). Too bad direct syncing does not work with Android
> devices... Thanks!

SyncEvolution will eventually also get Active Sync support ("MS Exchange 
Sync"), so this might help there.

Or maybe there's are SyncML app for Andriod?


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