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Re: kdebug defaults/build options

Bruce Sass wrote:
> On August 10, 2011 02:13:49 PM Xavier Brochard wrote:
>> Bruce Sass wrote:
>> >> 2. At times I've been annoyed by the number of spam messages
>> >> kwrite/kate leave on the console when run that way. Looking into it,
>> >> these messages are kDebug outputs. The kde techbase suggests [1] this
>> >> output is intended to be disabled in releases. Would you have any
>> >> objections to doing this in the future, with kwrite at least? There's
>> >> not many programs I've had problems with, but I do wince when running
>> >> kwrite from a console every so often.
>> >> [1]:
>> >> _way_to_print_debug_output_on_stderr.3F
>> > 
>> > My work-around to this problem is to tack "&>/dev/null &" onto the end
>> > of all cmdline issued KDE commands...
>> An easier approach is to simply run kdebugdialog then select/deselect the
>> apps that you want to not send debug output
> If I ever run Stable's KDE I probably will--assuming Debian hasn't
> already-- with Unstable though I prefer keeping the system as close to
> as-installed as is reasonably possible because I'm working under the
> (perhaps misguided <shrug>) assumption that it is the default
> configuration which is most important to Debian, and fiddling with lower
> level stuff like that could interfere with its characterization (finding,
> reporting, and verifying bugs and quirks).
> Another way to look at this annoyance is via the "learning curves".
> Currently, everyone who runs Debian's KDE programs from the cmdline will
> run into the too much verbosity problem and consequently the kdebugdialog
> will be on their Debian-KDE learning curve; If the messages were of by
> default the only ones who would have need for kdebugdialog in their
> learning curve would be those actually interested in debugging Debian's
> KDE. IOW, spewing mostly useless messages as a default the behaviour
> increases the length and steepness of a regular user's Debian-KDE learning
> curve, when it should really be the user who wants to non-usual stuff
> (like debugging) who's curve should be longer and steeper.

I totaly agree, except I think Debian's difference is that one have to 
configure it to its need (that's the difference with Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, 
etc.). Try for example, to install ltsp on ubuntu (nothing to do) and on 
debian (must configure everything). Default setup in Debian is only "basic". 

I don't use kdebugdialog for myself. ;-)


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