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Re: kdebug defaults/build options

Bruce Sass wrote:

>> 2. At times I've been annoyed by the number of spam messages kwrite/kate
>> leave on the console when run that way. Looking into it, these messages
>> are kDebug outputs. The kde techbase suggests [1] this output is intended
>> to be disabled in releases. Would you have any objections to doing this
>> in the future, with kwrite at least? There's not many programs I've had
>> problems with, but I do wince when running kwrite from a console every so
>> often.
>> [1]:
>> _way_to_print_debug_output_on_stderr.3F
> My work-around to this problem is to tack "&>/dev/null &" onto the end of
> all cmdline issued KDE commands...

An easier approach is to simply run kdebugdialog then select/deselect the 
apps that you want to not send debug output


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