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Re: Bug in SystemSettings Samba KDE Squeeze?

On 28/06/11 18:03, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Am Montag, 27. Juni 2011 schrieb Matthias Müller:
>> Hallo,
>> Am Montag 27 Juni 2011 schrieb Scott Ferguson:


> This is a known issue in KDE 4.4.5. The set something as root 
> functionality is not implemented.
> KDE 4.6 uses PolicyKit for the login manager settings dialog. This has the 
> advantage of not having to run the complete KCM with root rights - with 
> all the implications like populating a ~/.kde directory in /root, but to 
> ask for admin priveliges only when saving the configuration.
> Samba settings do not seem to be ported to PolicyKit in KDE 4.6 yet. I.e. 
> still greyed out.

Thank you. In that case I'm reluctant to report it as a bug. It's not
broken, just not implemented yet. :-)

Much nicer to have those things set in a central place than having a
collection of inelegant hacks.

I shall have to read-up on PolicyKit when I can find the time.


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