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Re: (SOLVED) Re: the plasma desktop is freeze in 50 secons and 30 or 60 secons later again, again.

>31/03/2011 16:57, Diederik de Haas wrote:
>> On Thursday 31 March 2011 11:19:15 tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:
>> If you want to generate a clean xorg.conf for your setup you can use
>> NVidia utility "nvidia-xconfig". 
> While nvidia-xconfig does generate a working file which enables the nvidia 
> drivers it isn't exactly a clean one.
> X nowadays does detect most, if not all, of the relevant things itself and you 
> only need to provide the information it doesn't detect (correctly) or that you 
> want different from the auto configuration.
> I want to use the nvidia driver, so my xorg.conf is the following:
> Section "Device"
>         Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
>         Driver          "nvidia"
> EndSection

Agreed, xorg now works pretty well by itself most of the time, but
without my screen and monitor sections this computer gives me a
black screen and nothing else, hence the extra bits. All my other
machines work great without a xorg.conf file, but they use free drivers.
After reading your message I tried removing this legacy sections and it
failed again.

>> using the proprietary NVidia driver which isn't a priority for Debian 
>> developers
> That was certainly the case some time ago, but not anymore. The current 
> maintainer(s) do a fantastic job providing the latest and greatest quickly \o/

My intention wasn't to point a lack of work or efficiency from debian
nvidia maintainer(s), I can only praise and thank them for their work.
It has happened in the past that non-free drivers lagged a bit behind a
xorg version bump, and since they are non-free software I wouldn't blame
anyone in Debian for this if it happened again. Today it's true that
they are kept in sync and up-to-date with an amazing efficiency. Awesome

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