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Re: Clicking links downloads webpage and opens temp file

On 7 March 2011 14:11, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@gmx.at> wrote:
On Monday, 2011-03-07, Cassiano Leal wrote:
> On 7 March 2011 11:59, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
> > On 2011-03-07 08:00:16 Cassiano Leal wrote:
> > >Hi list,
> > >
> > >It began a few weeks ago, but now clicking links on any KDE app (Chokoq,
> > >Kmail, ...) is a pain. Instead of simply passing the link URL to the
> > >browser, KDE is downloading the webpage and opening the temporary file
> > >-- e.g. /var/tmp/kdecache-cassiano/krun/13052.0.~PNgiz .
>  (...)
> Because of this, KDE may be preferring passing the temporary file to the
> > application more often.  Using the "in the following browser" option
> > instead
> > may force KDE to not load the URL itself and simply fork/exec the chosen
> > browser.
> Based on what you said, I went on to testing these configurations. The
> option to open based on the contents opens Konqueror (at least for
> webpages) and passes the URL to it.
> The "in the followin browser" option seems to work fine too, and allows me
> to choose the browser I want -- with one exception, which is the one I had
> been using: Firefox nightly builds. Tried chromium, arora, konqueror and
> iceweasel and all work fine.
> I switching back to Iceweasel (usually my default browser, but since the
> FF4 nightlies began to stabilise I had changed to them).

There could be something slightly wrong with the actual command.
Basically launcher entries are specified by .desktop files, which have a line
telling the launcher which command to execute (executable name, parameters,

This line supports placeholders, for URLs that's %u and %U (one URL and list
of URLs respectively).
If they are missing, the launcher might decide to play save and download the
content of the URL it got and pass that to the application.

Bull's eye. Adding %u to the end of the command solved the issue with FF.

Thanks, mate!


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