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Re: Clicking links downloads webpage and opens temp file

On 2011-03-07 08:00:16 Cassiano Leal wrote:
>Hi list,
>It began a few weeks ago, but now clicking links on any KDE app (Chokoq,
>Kmail, ...) is a pain. Instead of simply passing the link URL to the
>browser, KDE is downloading the webpage and opening the temporary file --
>e.g. /var/tmp/kdecache-cassiano/krun/13052.0.~PNgiz .

IME, this is sometimes related to "System Settings" -> "General" Tab -> 
"Default Applications" -> "Web Browser" section -> "in an application based on 
the contents of the URL".

From what I understand, in order to implement this, KDE saves the file in a 
temporary location, determines it's MIME type, uses file associations to 
determine what application to use, then passes the file (or sometimes the URL) 
to the application.

Note that when the URL is passed to the application, this generally results in 
two separate GET requests.  Now, the HTTP spec is pretty clear that GET 
requests must be not only idempotent but also free of side-effects, but I have 
certainly seen some bad web applications where performing a GET request was 
not idempotent.  E.g. an activate your account link that activated your 
account the first time you GET it, but would give an HTTP error and lock your 
account if it was ever loaded again.

Because of this, KDE may be preferring passing the temporary file to the 
application more often.  Using the "in the following browser" option instead 
may force KDE to not load the URL itself and simply fork/exec the chosen 
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