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Clicking links downloads webpage and opens temp file

Hi list,

It began a few weeks ago, but now clicking links on any KDE app (Chokoq, Kmail, ...) is a pain. Instead of simply passing the link URL to the browser, KDE is downloading the webpage and opening the temporary file -- e.g. /var/tmp/kdecache-cassiano/krun/13052.0.~PNgiz .

I suppose this has a good explanation and I hope that it's configurable, but the way it is now, what I have to do is to right-click the link, select Copy Link to Clipboard, open a new tab in the browser, paste the link in the address bar and press enter. Now this is a 5-step process, where the same results used to be attained only by left-clicking the link in the app.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue (feature?) ? If so, is there a way to set it back up to how it used to be?


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