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Re: Any chance for Digikam 1.5

2010/11/12 Martin Steigerwald <Martin@lichtvoll.de>

just for testing: there are packages on http://xraynaudphotos.free.fr/debian.php
they work fine with kde 4.5.1, but not with kde and a fully upgraded sid, where kipi-plugins have dependency issues
(libkdcraw8, libkdecore5 and libkexiv2-8)

Any chance for Digikam 1.5?

>From what I read Digikam received a fair amount of bug fixes including one
important one regarding saving metadata in the meantime.

This could be something for experimental until it has been well tested.

Again I appreciate any work you put into it and I know its a volunteer
effort. I might try adapting the packaging from subversion from 1.4 to 1.5
and build it myself if you have no plans for it at the moment.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
GPG: 03B0 0D6C 0040 0710 4AFA  B82F 991B EAAC A599 84C7

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