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Re: Multiple monitors bug in KDE 4.5.1

On Mar 14 Sep 2010 05:14:29 Kyle Kearney escribió:
> I have the same problem (well, with left vs. right monitors, but a similar
> issue with the plasmoids moving to the external monitor). I did a bit of
> quick googling and from what I was able to gather it looks like it's an
> upstream bug. The workaround that I found was to configure the displays
> from the command line using xrandr (I've got an intel card - I'm not sure
> if this procedure holds for other vendors such as nVidia; IIRC they have
> their own configuration system for multiple displays) using the following
> (slightly modified to match your configuration) xrandr --output VGA1
> --mode 1440x900 --output LVDS1 --primary --below VGA1

I did it by hand with the same results, but I was missing --primeary stuff.

Thanks :)

Do you know if the bug is already open upstream?

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