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Re: keyboard problems after 4.5.1


On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 4:20 PM, Andreas Bourges <andy-lists@bourges.de> wrote:
> there's just one thing which doesn't work after the uprade: my keyboard
> behaves a bit strange now.
> examples: the left- and up-arrow (separate arrow-keys, not num-pad) doesn't
> work anymore (yes - right- and down-arrows work). The arrow-keys on the num-
> pad work without problems.

I have something similar happening to me recently, but in my case I
know for sure that it is not related to the kde 4.5.1 upgrade. Still I
think your issue might be the same.

Sometimes after waking up my notebook from sleep some keys stop
working. These include the arrow keys, but also my 'windows' key,
Home/End. Others I believe work. BTW they still work, but are detected
as different characters. Eg. down arrow key results in printscreen and
kscreenshot starts.

It _might_ be related to my upgrade to kernel 2.6.35.

Reboot always fixes this for me. If you haven't tried reboot, then I
suggest you try it now.
If your issue is something else, then sorry for the noise.


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