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keyboard problems after 4.5.1


...first of all - thank's a lot for providing these packages! Great job and no 
package-related problems during the upgrade from 4.4.5.

there's just one thing which doesn't work after the uprade: my keyboard 
behaves a bit strange now.

examples: the left- and up-arrow (separate arrow-keys, not num-pad) doesn't 
work anymore (yes - right- and down-arrows work). The arrow-keys on the num-
pad work without problems.

AltGr stopped working, too and somehow I managed to change the keymap 
completely (don't know how this happed, I didn't configure anything on purpose 
- no normal characters worked, I only saw strange ascii-graph chars when 
typing, in all applications kde/non-kde... - reboot helped).

Any hint on where to look for that? I tried already to adjust the keyboard 
hardware and keymap, but it didn't help.



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