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Re: Where does Kontact save contacts?

On Monday June 21 2010 9:22:11 am Michael Schuerig wrote:
> I'm flabbergasted. I thought I understood where and how
> Kontact/KAddressbook saves contact data, i.e. in
> ~/.local/share/contacts. So it says in the properties for my "Personal
> Contacts" address book. Well, if I change any contact information,
> Kontact does save it somewhere, as the change is still there are a
> restart. But the change does *not* show up in that directory.

I had a similar problem last week, and it managed to fix itself by after I 
restarted akonadi about 5 times (and wiped out the error logs so it would 
start up without complaining).

I also got no help from the kde-pim mailing list.

Hope this helps,

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