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Re: Akonadi with external MySQL

Alle Wednesday 09 June 2010, Robert van den Berg ha scritto:
> Do these things work for you?
> One factor that could make it more complex is that the directory 
> /home/robert/.kde/share/apps/kabc/ is a sym link to a network drive.
> By the way I don't mean to hijack your thread but since we run the
> same setup  I'm curious about your experience. My apologies if this
> is perceived as such. (I haven't spend much time on research because
> I find it a bit daunting to start looking for akonadi)

Yes, they do. Occasionally, I have to reload kontact since akonadi seem 
slower to start and load its data, and this sometime leads to 
unavailable resources.
At the beginning of the migration from the embedded MySQL to the 
external one, I had to carefully choose which resources I wanted to 
migrate. I have kabc with a single std.vcf with all my contacts and this 
affected my choices during the wizard stage. There are no problem in 
adding new contacts. Maybe you have some permission problems in 
accessing your folder and/or in db. I'm just guessing.

I can't find anymore a web resource that talked about using akonadi over 
a network, so I can't say if it works or not.

NP, I think we are discussing about the topic and still exchanging 

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