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Akonadi with external MySQL


I'm trying to spare resources in my system and since I have successfully 
set up a MySQL db for amarok, I was thinking about using a similar 
solution for akonadi. So far and despite a lot of problems, I have been 
able to run it.
The documentation around Internet on this topic seems rather limited and 
that's probably why I initially failed.
I have created a database using mysql called akonadi with proper user 
and password.
In akonaditray, I have configured the external MySQL server (db name: 
akonadi; host: localhost; username: myname; pw;mypw). 
The most important option I have set is actually "Options". I changed 
the line originally written there with the following:
I don't know why akonadi was otherwise unable to start.
Then I needed to add an address book. I opened kontact ->  contacts -> 
New -> Add new addressbook and from that point I followed the wizard 
just to migrate my resources from kabc to akonadi. 
During the populating process, there were several errors related to 
birthday resources (they are annoying, but they seem not harmful. I just 
closed them). Anyhow, the birthdays seem correctly displayed in 
Finally, in system activity there is just one MySQL process and not two 
as previously, sparing around 20MB of RAM memory.


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