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Re: update-notifier (was: update-notifier-kde, freespacenotifier: where's the UI?)

On 2010-06-03, Michael Schuerig <michael@schuerig.de> wrote:
> Please note that my following remarks refer only to sid/unstable!

IIRC, for the gnome edition, it is also true for stable

> First a bit about dependencies: kde-standard depends on update-notifier-
> kde which in turn depends on update-notifier-common.

Yep. it is u-n-c that does the real work. update-notifier-kde is just
notifying the user.

u-n-c is also touching a set of files at the end of each apt run, and
u-n-kde is basically listening on changes to these files.

u-n-c also is creating a file when a new kernel is installed, thru the 
/etc/kernel/postinst.d/update-notifier file.
This file basically creates a stamp file:
u-n-kde listens also to the creation of this file, and notifies the user
that a reboot is required.

(your descriptions of how apt and update-notifier-common interacted are


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