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Re: update-notifier-kde, freespacenotifier: where's the UI?

Alle mercoledì 02 giugno 2010, Sune Vuorela ha scritto:
> On 2010-06-02, Michael Schuerig <michael@schuerig.de> wrote:
> > I don't want to configure anything, I would just like to know or be
> > able to easily find out what to expect from these packages. I
> > think in both cases it would be nice to have a README that states
> > something like this
> > 
> > "This package runs a background process managed by the KDE daemon.
> > It watches for <condition XYZ> and alerts the user through the KDE
> > notification system if that condition is met."
> It would be really great if you can draft it a bit futher. You are
> quite correct in that description.
> Update-notifier notifies the user when there is upgrades and/or
> security upgrades available. Update-notifier also notifies teh user
> if there has been some upgrades that requires a reboot in order to
> take effect (most often linux-image*)
> Freespacenotifier notifies the user when there is less than 2G
> freespace in home. When Freespacenotifier notifies the user, it also
> gives the option to reconfigure the notifications.
> If you can draft two readme's I will be happy to ship them. If there
> is more information needed, feel free to ask. My doc-writintg skills
> unfortunately isn't the best.
> /Sune

I have appreciated these new programs that pop useful messages in the 
systray. Freespace-notifier is easy to configure (just one simple 
option) and very useful. In fact it has happened that the free space in 
my home was quickly consumed by .xsession-errors, and this warning would 
prevent the problem in the future. The only "bug" that I have met in 
freespace-notifier is that the three buttons overcome the window layout 
(i.e.: one of the button is one tenth outside the border).
The update-notifier is nice, but I would like to know how it retrieves 
the information it displays (presumably, from apt). If this is the case, 
is there a demon running in background or apt is called by update-
notifier? Today in VT (ctrl+alt+F1) there was a message asking to 
reboot, Is this message related in anyway to update-notifier? 
These are questions that can be interesting to be answered to in the 
README/man page you are preparing.
Thank you


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