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Re: update-notifier-kde, freespacenotifier: where's the UI?

On 2010-06-02, Michael Schuerig <michael@schuerig.de> wrote:
> I don't want to configure anything, I would just like to know or be able 
> to easily find out what to expect from these packages. I think in both 
> cases it would be nice to have a README that states something like this
> "This package runs a background process managed by the KDE daemon. It 
> watches for <condition XYZ> and alerts the user through the KDE 
> notification system if that condition is met."

It would be really great if you can draft it a bit futher. You are quite
correct in that description.

Update-notifier notifies the user when there is upgrades and/or security
upgrades available. Update-notifier also notifies teh user if there has
been some upgrades that requires a reboot in order to take effect (most
often linux-image*)

Freespacenotifier notifies the user when there is less than 2G freespace
in home. When Freespacenotifier notifies the user, it also gives the
option to reconfigure the notifications.

If you can draft two readme's I will be happy to ship them. If there is
more information needed, feel free to ask. My doc-writintg skills
unfortunately isn't the best.


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