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Re: Fwd: Re: Kde 3.5 ...


> KDE 3.5 is not dead.  It has many active users and a few active
> maintainers, such as Trinity.

In 2009 KDE was around 4.7 Million lines of code [1] and had about 450 contributors [2]. KDE 3.5 had less lines of code and less developers, but the numbers are the same order of magnitude. Even if you find some people that are willing to maintain and improve KDE 3.5, how do you want to maintain and improve some of million lines of code which were developed by hundreds of people? And you have to maintain Qt3 as well. That is just totally unrealistic.

> Please don't interfere with discussions about rescuing KDE 3.5.

I don't think it is appropriate to spam the list with your request about keeping KDE 3.5 in Debian Squeeze, even though the Debian KDE team decided to not do that. There are lots of people who like KDE 4 and are happy that the Debian KDE team does a really good job providing KDE 4 for Debian. I understand thst you do not like KDE 4. People told you what your options are and keeping KDE 3.5 is, for several reasons already stated, not one of them. So please do accept that stop spamming the list with your "Rescue KDE 3.5" requests.

Best wishes,

[1] http://blog.cornelius-schumacher.de/2009/10/4273291-lines-of-code.html
[2] http://dot.kde.org/2009/07/14/growth-metrics-kde-contributors

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