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Re: Problem with ALC662 Intel HDA

Alle lunedì 10 maggio 2010, Leonardo Meira ha scritto:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a problem with my sound card (nVidia Corporation MCP67 High
> Definition Audio | ALC662 High Definition Audio) and I would like you
> to indicate the best location and the best way for me to report the
> bug that I will describe:
> After a fresh installation and setup of alsa, I only have sound in
> one of two outputs and the microphone does not work. After reading a
> lot of documentation about the subject, I found that inserting the
> line "options snd-hda-intel model = 3stack 6ch-index = 0" in
> alsa-base.conf file I can make my sound card work better, but with
> some problems, which are:
> a) If I select the 6-channel mode (in kmix or alsa-mixer), the two
> sound outputs work but the microphone do not work.
> b) If I select the 2-channel mode (in kmix or alsa-mixer), the
> microphone works but only one sound output works.
> You do not agree with me that this is a bug? I've been experiencing
> it in different distributions and several versions of the Linux
> kernel. As in several versions of ALSA.
> Before you ask me, yes, I've tried all the options associated with
> ALC662 codec (
> http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/sound/alsa/HD-Audio-Mode
> ls.txt) and the option mentioned above was that worked best.
>  I am a novice user of Linux. So I ask you for help. How could I help
> solve this problem? What is the right place to report this bug?
> Thanks,
> Motherboard: ASUS M2N68-AM SE
> Debian Lenny
> Squeeze Debian / Sid

Hi Leonard,

Once I had a similar problem with a different brand (realtek) of the 
same chipset managed by the very same driver. I tried to change the 
options as you did, but the perfect solution came only after a few 
months of work upstream. Maybe, that your chipset is not fully supported 
at the moment.
That said, the thread you started is off-topic here considering this is 
a KDE/Debian mailing list. In fact, from your description of the issue 
you got, probably it is alsa related (you told that the problem is the 
same with kmix and alsamixer) and for this reason hardly you will get 
any help for your problem here.


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