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Re: EOL of KDE SC 4.4.2 in qt-kde.debian.net

On 2010-04-10 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> On šeštadienis 10 Balandis 2010 16:38:38 Michael Schuerig wrote:
> > However, doing the same with -t experimental updates the entire system
> > to experimental, which is presumably not what most people want. Is there
> > a way to only upgrade KDE-related packages from experimental?
> Bump priority of experimental to 101 (/etc/apt/preferences):
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=experimental
> Pin-Priority: 101
> and do a normal dist-upgrade:

I would also like to know if it's possible to only pin the kde packages from experimental.

I'm trying to create a KDE 4.4.2 LiveCD with live-helper. During the creation process a chroot 
environment is created where all the packages are installed. In that chroot I have the testing, sid 
and experimental sources configured. But with the above preferences file the kde packages from testing 
are installed, since testing/sid have a priority of 500 and experimental 101.
Changing the Pin-Priority to 501 makes the chroot fail, since aptitude removes aptitude at some 
point due to dependency issues. 
(like Michael Schuerig mentioned, it tries to upgrade the whole system to experimental)
Probably important to note is that during that stage when issues arrive, the 1st proposed solution 
is always used, since it's not an interactive stage.

Live-helper also supports an interactive stage, which creates the chroot, installs the packages and 
then you're given a command line at which you can do things interactively.
Doing a full-upgrade in interactive mode, I get a whole bunch of solutions, each of them include 
removing kde-minimal, thus removing all kde related packages.
Conclusion: I'm not able create a KDE 4.4.2 LiveCD at this point :-/


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