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Re: EOL of KDE SC 4.4.2 in qt-kde.debian.net


On šeštadienis 10 Balandis 2010 21:25:04 Diederik de Haas wrote:
> I would also like to know if it's possible to only pin the kde packages
> from experimental.

No unless you want to list all KDE SC 4.4 binary packages in 
/etc/apt/preferences (one entry for each package, 400+ in total).

> I'm trying to create a KDE 4.4.2 LiveCD with live-helper. During the
> creation process a chroot environment is created where all the packages
> are installed. In that chroot I have the testing, sid and experimental
> sources configured. But with the above preferences file the kde packages
> from testing are installed, since testing/sid have a priority of 500 and
> experimental 101. Changing the Pin-Priority to 501 makes the chroot fail,
> since aptitude removes aptitude at some point due to dependency issues.

Never pin whole experimental higher than unstable.

> (like Michael Schuerig mentioned, it tries to upgrade the whole system to
> experimental) Probably important to note is that during that stage when
> issues arrive, the 1st proposed solution is always used, since it's not an
> interactive stage.

Therefore you should tweak aptitude in such a way that the first solution 
would be the one you want.

> Live-helper also supports an interactive stage, which creates the chroot,
> installs the packages and then you're given a command line at which you
> can do things interactively. Doing a full-upgrade in interactive mode, I
> get a whole bunch of solutions, each of them include removing kde-minimal,
> thus removing all kde related packages.

In order to upgrade existing KDE 4.3.4 installation, something like this 
should work (untested):

# aptitude -t experimental install '?maintainer(Debian Qt/KDE 

or (a safer version):

# aptitude -o 'Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Hints::experimental=approve 
~Aexperimental' install '?maintainer(Debian Qt/KDE 

For new installations:

# aptitude -t experimental install kde-standard

or (safer version):

# aptitude -o 'Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Hints::experimental=approve 
~Aexperimental' install kde-standard/experimental

You should not run into much troube unless there are packages with 
unresolvable dependencies installed.

> Conclusion: I'm not able create a KDE 4.4.2 LiveCD at this point :-/

It has never been easy to deal with experimental because it is a dumping 
ground for lots stuff and typically only want a couple of packages.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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