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Re: kde-minimal dependency problem (libxxf86misc1)

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 01:49:40AM +0100, Ramon Antonio Parada wrote:
> There is an installation problem KDE in unstable.
> Package libxxf86misc1 is present in unstable but only avr32 and m68k
> ports while other architectures (amd64, i386, etc) were moved to
> testing. [1]
> kde-minimal depends on kdebase-workspace, depends on
> kdebase-workspace-bin, depends on libxxf86misc1 which as I said is not
> avaliable in unstable for most architectures. Need to manually
> download packages if you wanna install kde.

This is known and it will be fixed in the next KDE upload (4.4 whenever it
will be).
You do not need to download anything manually, just keep the testing lines
in your sources.list. The library will be in testing as long as KDE 4.3.x 
is there needing it.
As unstable user it is a good idea keeping always testing in your sources.list 
to avoid this kind of problems when transitions are going on. 


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