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Tellico: using webcam to scan ISBN barcode

In theory it works like this: You hold the book's barcode closely in 
front of the webcam, a snapshot is taken and interpreted and the 
resulting numbers are inserted into the ISBN field.

In practice this has never worked for me. I've never made it even to the 
point where a snapshot is taken of the barcode. Which left me wondering 
if this feature works for anyone at all, or if the problem is related to 
my setup.

I have a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, which ought to be good enough, but 
unfortunately, is from a series whose firmware has issues with Linux[*]. 
However, it does work in Skype and [gl]uvcview, and in Tellico, when I 
open the "Search the Internet" dialog, a functional camera window pops-
up in addition. As far as I can tell, the problem may be that the image 
simply isn't sharp when I hold the barcode close enough to the camera.

I'm using Tellico 2.1.1-2, the system is a current Debian/unstable.


[*] http://www.quickcamteam.net/documentation/faq/how-many-versions-of-
My exemplar has USB BCD 0x0008, but I'm not affected by the "hanging" 
camera issue.
Michael Schuerig

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