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Re: Digikam-doc is old (and not localized)

On Martes 09 Febrero 2010 00:41:18 Valerio Passini escribió:
> Alle lunedì 08 febbraio 2010, José Manuel Santamaría Lema ha scritto:
> > Yes, it's a problem with the debian package. By the way, did you
> >  realized that  the current digikam-doc package doesn't provide
> >  showfoto docs? Give us some time to fix it
> Sorry if you feel that I was putting pressure on you, it was not my
> intention. I just wanted to discuss about the fact that the package is
> not complete from a localization POV, and that is not translators' fault
> as it has been suggested previously.

With that "Give us some time to fix it" I mean that we may take some time to fix 
it, just to warn you. It wasn't my intention to be rude or something :S Also, 
this kind of discussions are useful, in fact if you dindn't raised this problem 
I wouldn't be fixing it.

> showfoto should be already documented (and translated), it does not have
> it's own .po file, but topics related to it are inside other files.
> Thank you for working on a fix.

Are you sure? I guess this file includes the showfoto translation...

Anyway, we don't care about po files for translations' docs, what I would include 
in the package would be these dirs (for italian translation):
which are generated using the po files.

At the moment I have some partial work to include digikam doc translations, my 
wish is to include showfoto docs with its translations as well. What I don't 
know is how much up to date is the documentation, I'm just packaging what KDE's 
svn provides, i.e.:

> Valerio

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