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Re: Digikam-doc is old (and not localized)

Alle lunedì 08 febbraio 2010, José Manuel Santamaría Lema ha scritto:
> Yes, it's a problem with the debian package. By the way, did you
>  realized that  the current digikam-doc package doesn't provide
>  showfoto docs? Give us some time to fix it

Sorry if you feel that I was putting pressure on you, it was not my 
intention. I just wanted to discuss about the fact that the package is 
not complete from a localization POV, and that is not translators' fault 
as it has been suggested previously. 
showfoto should be already documented (and translated), it does not have 
it's own .po file, but topics related to it are inside other files.
Thank you for working on a fix.


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