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Re: KDE 4.3.5 / 4.4 plans

Am Montag 08 Februar 2010 schrieb jedd:
> On Sunday 07 February 2010 11:26:09 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > I can wait, since KDE 4.3.4 works well enough for me. I am keen on
> > seeing whether Virtuoso helps Nepomuk to become usable at all.
>  Disturbingly, a fairly simple demonstration - just using gwenview
>  and dolphin, and the renaming of a file - failed to work.  Sebastian
>  was using a fairly archaic laptop, but as he observed at the time,
>  the same set of tasks had worked on the same equipment an hour
>  earlier during his pre-talk trial runs.

Hmmm, let's see. Its still an emerging technology IMHO...

> > Thanks a lot for the information. Looking forward to KDE 4.4 packages
> > then.
>  Jos Poortvliet did a 4.4 demo yesterday - sure, it was a real pain
>  that he was forced to use a 640x480 screen, but there were a
>  few too many "Oh, this has crashed" moments for my liking.  This
>  wasn't a case of "I'm going to run lots and lots of things and show
>  you how this handles under load" but rather very cautious demos
>  of stuff like dropping into Netbook/Newspaper mode - then having
>  a second plasma running that refused to die .. that kind of thing.

Hmmm, then I will enjoy my quite stable 4.3.4 setup more than ever in the 
next days. KDE 4.3 was quite rought at .0 but become a lot better. I hope 
4.4 will not be that rough, but lets see.

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