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Re: KDE 4.3.5 / 4.4 plans

Am Sonntag 07 Februar 2010 schrieb Modestas Vainius:
> Hello,

Hello Modestas,

> On sekmadienis 07 Vasaris 2010 12:41:35 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > Hi debian KDE team!
> >
> > I found KDE 4.3.5 localization coming into unstable. What are your
> > further plans? Will you upload 4.3.5 or will you skip it in favor for
> > 4.4 which according to release plan should come in two days?
> kde-l10n has been (and will be) the only package uploaded of the entire
>  4.3.5 series. Even though 4.4 will be released in two days upstream,
>  Debian packages will come a bit later (but they are currently being
>  worked on contrary to RCs).

Thanks a lot for the information. Looking forward to KDE 4.4 packages 

I can wait, since KDE 4.3.4 works well enough for me. I am keen on seeing 
whether Virtuoso helps Nepomuk to become usable at all.

I guess I could build preliminary packages from


But unlike you want someone to help with testing, I think I will just 

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