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Re: konqueror and flash

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 07:40:32PM +0100, roberto wrote:
> well: i can't see anything related to flash
> infact i can see only four lines (pipes stand for columns separators),
> the first being:
> Java Plug-in  | Java Plug-in KJAS for Konqueror  | kjavaappletviewer.so |
>   application/x-java-applet - Java Applet (class)
> application/x-java-bean - JavaBeans (jar)
> then two lines follow about Adobe Acrobat and then i find only one
> line about Squeak;
> no more

Hmm, sounds as though you don't have a Flash plugin installed,
or at least not one found by KDE.  Do you have some package like
flashplugin-nonfree already installed, as Raúl Sánchez Siles suggests ?
The flashplugin-nonfree installer will put Adobe's Flash plugin in

If you do have that package and file, then try resetting the search
directories to "defaults" in Konqueror / Configure / Plugins and then
do a "scan for new plugins".  I have a memory that I had to do this
some time ago, as Debian plugin locations moved around, and my old KDE
installation didn't know the new directories.  Hopefully it should show
in about:plugins once installed and KDE has re-scanned.

Let us know what you see if you try the above,


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