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Re: high CPU usage in certain apps

On Wednesday 25 November 2009 14:21:54 Marcus Better wrote:
> jedd wrote:
> >  I'm seeing xorg take up an entire core, even when amarok is
> >  not playing anything.
> Can you determine if it is related to Amarok at all?

 I shall, but just realised that on this machine (2GB quad-core)
 it's possibly less useful here, as I'm using 1.4.10 (the kde 3.5.10
 version) of Amarok.  It's the only legacy KDE app I'm running,
 with everything else being current Debian unstable.  (I just found
 the KDE4 version of amarok to be too painful, and I have enough
 KDE4-induced pain at the moment.)

 Without disk activity it becomes a more curious problem.  What
 video drivers are you using?  I'm seeing some weirdness with some
 apps - previously reported on this list, and attributed by others to
 my video drivers - that very much appear to be application-specific.

 What does KDE4's amarok and knode use as their datastore?  I seem
 to recall that amarok at least reverted to sqlite, even if you'd set
 it up to use MySQL in the 3.x version.  Not that I can see a way
 that xorg could appear to own those types of processes.

 Out of curiosity - and the lack of disk activity suggests this isn't
 a problem - but what's your memory usage look like when this
 happens?  'top , O , o' -- is handy during these moments.


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