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Re: high CPU usage in certain apps

Hi Marcus,

On Wednesday 25 November 2009 09:00:14 Marcus Better wrote:
> for the past few days I'm experiencing weird CPU thrashing problems
> in two KDE apps: Amarok and Knode. Thought I would check if
> someone else is seeing this.

 I don't run knode, but I do have amarok running most of the time.

 I'm seeing xorg take up an entire core, even when amarok is
 not playing anything.  This seems to be semi-random - at first
 it appeared to happen after several hours, but I've seen it on
 a re-start of kdm a few times now.

 Are you seeing lots of file system activity while amarok or
 knode is slowing you down?  lsof might reveal some extra info,
 if you are.


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