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Re: Iceweasel doesn't close when run on KDE [OT]

El Lunes, 23 de Noviembre de 2009 10:18:42 Valerio Passini escribió:
> Alle domenica 22 novembre 2009, Manolete, ese artista... ha scritto:
> > e, but I use dark backgrounds and light fonts (I cant stand much time
> >  in front of my screen with all that white and light grey without
> >  feeling visually fatigued, besides dark colors save some minutes
> >  when using battery)
> > 
> If you have an LCD screen (I'm just guessing since you told you are 
> trying to spare your battery) and not a plasma screen, you are not going 
> to save energy choosing a dark colors set because the screen has a back-
> light always on.
> Bye
> Valerio

The backlight consumes most of the energy, yes (a well regulated screen brightness -which reduces the backlight intensity- is the best practice); and energy savings with dark colors are especially noticed on CRT screens, where savings can even reach 20-some %, I don't remember exactly; but as far as I remember, when that "blackle" (Google with a totally black background and grey letters) and sites thing appeared, a couple of years ago, coments on some blogs (blogs that seemed reliable, I mean, of course, like Nature's one) said that despite the savings for LCDs were much smaller than those on CRTs still there were small savings, that's why I said dark colors save "some minutes" of my battery.
Anyway, I'm no expert at all; the main reason is just that I can't stand much time with a device throwing a lot of artificial light to my eyes. On this I think every occulist would agree, and if I can also save 3 or 4 minutes, welcome they are.

In few years LED screens will be the usual, and in them pixels are self-, not retro-, illuminated, so I still think it's a good habit for the near future.


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