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Re: No xorg dependency for kde-minimal?

On 2009-11-22 Florian Kulzer wrote:
> The X server can run on a different computer than the X clients,
> therefore it is not a given that everyone wants to install xorg
> automatically when they install KDE (or any other program that needs an
> X server for input and output). Even kde-full only "suggests" xorg.
Thanks Florian & Sune for that answer, looks like an interesting use-case for my server :-D

So I understand that kde-minimal doesn't have a dependency to xorg.
But only a suggest with kde-full doesn't sound logical to me, but (at least) a recommends to kde-
standards does.
I guess that most users install KDE on their main/only machine and for it to be useful you'd need 
xorg. And with the default settings, APT would install recommends, so a 'normal' user would get a 
fully functional (non-bloated) KDE system when installing kde-standard.

So why is xorg only a suggests on kde-full?


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