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Re: KDE Support in Debian

Hi Scott,

I have been using Debian Testing with KDE since 4 years ago (Etch testing, Lenny testing, Squeeze testing), and I have no issue about it at all. I am a happy KDE user.

But once a while, some application might have bug, but it is easy to file bug report, and soon enough the application will be fixed and work as before.

If you really looking to use KDE, I would suggest that you migrate to Debian :)


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 9:28 PM, Scott <sclewin@sgaming.ca> wrote:

       I have been contemplating the idea of switching from Ubuntu to Debian.
 Even though I like KDE better I use Gnome on Ubuntu.  The reason why I
use Ubuntu (With Gnome) and not Kubuntu (With KDE) is that I don't like
how it is more difficult to find help specific to Kubuntu and also
because Kubuntu is simply not as well put together as Ubuntu.  There is
simply much more development and documentation specific to Gnome in Ubuntu.

       My question here is KDE well documented and stable on Debian?  I
understand that Gnome is also the default desktop for Debian, but is KDE
well supported?

Your friend,

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