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Re: Is KDE sound daemon causing audio problems?

* Xavier Vello <xavier.vello@gmail.com> [2009 Nov 06 13:39 -0600]:
> > > In fact, phonon uses xine for it's audio/video codecs. The output is
> > > controlled by phonon itself (with the "device preferences" tab).
> > Is there a consequence to not having Pulse audio nor Jack installed,
> > which I don't?
> You don't need any of the two. alsa (with dmix) should work fine.
> Please try other sound apps (for instance 'mplayer -ao alsa $a_mp3_file.mp3').
> But the issue is definitely not in KDE, maybe a buggy new version of your sound 
> driver (in the kernel).

Interestingly, this particular app with Wine, Morse Runner (an amateur
radio Morse code trainer) will not output any sound except when the OSS
drivers are selected.  I have verified this behavior on my desktop
which uses the emu10k driver and two separate laptops (one with Sid and
the other Lenny) with AC97 (i810) audio sets.  The result is the same,
poor audio quality.

On my desktop guest OSes in VirtualBox have scratchy audio.  The Wine
app has dropouts.  It's a bit frustrating as it seems as though audio
isn't exactly cutting edge stuff any more (says me who wouldn't dare
try to deal with the internals of audio drivers and is in awe of those
who do).

It's not the end of the world or even an app I use much.  I was just
curious of the experiences of others.  Thaks for the help.

- Nate >>


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possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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