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Re: Is KDE sound daemon causing audio problems?

* Xavier Vello <xavier.vello@gmail.com> [2009 Nov 05 09:58 -0600]:
> > I see no specific mention of ALSA in the system settings menu.  I
> > noticed that my prefered sound card wasn't at the top of the output and
> > input lists so I changed that.  In the Backend tab I only have Xine and
> > Aptitude shows only gstreamer as an option.  Where else might I be able
> > to ensure ALSA and not OSS is the prefered audio device?
> The tooltip on the devices explains what sound system it uses :
> http://alioth.debian.org/~wdgt-guest/pub/phonon_alsa.png

My tooltips match yours exactly.

> In fact, phonon uses xine for it's audio/video codecs. The output is 
> controlled by phonon itself (with the "device preferences" tab).

Is there a consequence to not having Pulse audio nor Jack installed,
which I don't?


- Nate >>


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