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Re: Is KDE sound daemon causing audio problems?

Le jeudi 5 novembre 2009 03:19:38, Nate Bargmann a écrit :
> I guess the first question is whether KDE4 uses a sound daemon as in
> the old days?  In general sound is great, no issues, until I decide to
> use a program with Wine that generates sound and then it has a lot of
> pops and skips.  In Virtualbox the sound is just scratchy alomst like
> the old old days with a DMA conflict with DOS and Win 3.1 (I'm dating
> myself).
> Is there some method of forcing better sharing of the sound device?
> I'll admit to not being very knowledgable making sound from non native
> Linux apps work, but I seem to recall no issues before KDE4.


Contrary to KDE3 (which uses arts), KDE4 doesn't use a sound daemon and uses 
whichever sound system (alsa, pulseaudio, oss, directx, quicktime) is default 
on the system. This is not a KDE-specific issue then.

Try making sure wine uses alsa output (with the "winecfg" app) and KDE too
(in systemsettings > multimedia).

Xavier Vello

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