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Re: Searchbar in Konqueror

* jedd <jedd@progsoc.org> [2009 Oct 18 07:14 -0500]:
> On Saturday 17 October 2009 14:21:19 Nate Bargmann wrote:
> > After a brief search I found that I needed to install the konq-plugins
> > package for the searchbar extension which I did.  When I go to
> > Settings|Configure Extensions the Search Bar plugin is shown as
> > available and enabled.
>  I'm guessing you've already tried to disable it, save, quit,
>  come back, and re-enable it?

I had not but on your suggestion I gave that a try and it still didn't

>  The function works fine here - FWIW - I've just enabled it again,
>  immediately pops up on an Apply - and then disabled it.
>  It's actually one of the first things I get rid of in any browser,
>  but particularly konqueror where you have the far more powerful
>  gg: shortcut.  Search bars just take up space that I can't spare,
>  and limit me to one engine (compare my frequent usage of gg:,
>  ud:, wp:, and so on).

I'm afraid that as I'd start using those I'd find that they won't work
in Iceweasel/Firefox or IE7 at work. Sigh...

>  I'd suggest relocating your konquerorrc - while you're not logged
>  into KDE of course - and seeing if the default instance you get on
>  the next login plays nicer.

Just tried that.  No change.

- Nate >>


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