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Re: [opensuse-kde] Re: Deleting the Selection

In <200907092215.03071.budinero@gmail.com>, Facundo A wrote:
>On Jue 09 Jul 2009 22:39:54 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. escribió:
>> I created a brand-new user.  Then, I logged in to KDE 4.2 on the
>> openSUSE machine.  I was greeted with the new-user information about
>> SUSE and KDE 4.2.  I closed that window.
>> I opened konqueror, and browsed to www.google.com.
>> I opened konsole.
>> I double-clicked in the konqueror address bar to select all that text.
>> I clicked the konsole window.
>> I clicked the konqueror window.
>> My selection was DELETED!
>> So, I can confirm it is NOT one of my personal user settings.
>> I'm thinking I should file a bug @ bugs.kde.org.  Does anyone have any
>> suggestions for what I need to include in the bug report?
>> I can reproduce this *perfectly*.  It happens *every* time mouse focus
>> changes and I have sometime selected in an editable field.  This extends
>> to the KMail compose window, so it is not *just* a QLineEdit/KLineEdit
>> problem.
>Do you have another installed window manager to try?

No, although I'm open to suggestions.  One that is easily removed after the 
testing is done would be ideal.  Suggestions?
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