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Re: debian lenny (current): refusing to install kde

> Am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 schrieb Wim de Vries:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to install Debian Lenny with KDE on my miniPc (intel
>> motherboard D945GCLF2; video 945 expr.chipset).
>> (deb-502-amd64-businesscard.iso)
>> Few months ago it installed fine with desktop=kde at the install prompt.
>> Now no KDE. No warnings what so ever. Just a unusable garbled TWM.
>> Tried gnome and went crazy (can't even copy files in the 'filemanager').
>> I need kde for my apps.
>> Am I missing sth.?.....
> With "unusuable garbled", do you mean 'corrupt screen', or just that TWM
> is not satisfying for your needs?

thanks for the reply.
I have not used twm since 1994. It looked worse as far as I can remember.
Only accessible (menu) via left mouse click on desktop. No panels, start
buttons or whatsoever. Some entries in the menu were empty.
Anyhow. Re-installed with Gnome. Its is a system with a 4 Gig SSD 'hard
disk'. So, before installing kde, I had to remove a lot of apps to make
space for Kde downloads. After that, instructed apt to remove gnome and
install kde in one go.
Now finally I have Kde back, but I have a slight feeling that's not the
standard way to install Debian-Kde ;-).

> I guess you need to be a bit more specific.
> -Christoph
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