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Re: debian lenny (current): refusing to install kde

On Friday 10 July 2009 06:45:57 Wim de Vries wrote:
> Anyhow. Re-installed with Gnome. Its is a system with a 4 Gig SSD 'hard
> disk'. So, before installing kde, I had to remove a lot of apps to make
> space for Kde downloads. After that, instructed apt to remove gnome and
> install kde in one go.
> Now finally I have Kde back, but I have a slight feeling that's not the
> standard way to install Debian-Kde ;-).

I used a non-standard way last time I installed KDE, that was slightly less 

Install without a desktop.  Then edit sources.list and:

aptitude install KDE

Go and do something else for a bit.

Check that everything mission-critical is there.  If not install.

In my case:

aptitude install cups k3b


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