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Re: KDE 4.3 RC

On Среда 01 июля 2009 19:23:34 Valerio Passini wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that if you dig enough the mailing list you can find a message where the 
> developers clearly state that RC will never be available in sid. Sorry, but you should 
> compile it by yourself if you want to do testing and report bugs to KDE.
> Bye
why not experimental, or even separate temporary repository with betas of KDE?
it really helps to polish software before release.

if you don't want flood in debian bugs tracker,
mention this in red in the announcement of the temporary repository,
but requiring users co compile on their own stops most people from testing software.
It is not nice in relation to upstream.

Also, it may help to eliminate downstream bugs. For example I'm almost sure that
new Lokalize dependencies won't be set up correctly
and I will have users complaining that the stuff doesn't work.

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