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Re: KDE 4.3 RC

In <200907012100.42238.shaforostoff@kde.ru>, Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
>On Среда 01 июля 2009 19:23:34 Valerio Passini wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure that if you dig enough the mailing list you can find a
>> message where the developers clearly state that RC will never be
>> available in sid. Sorry, but you should compile it by yourself if you
>> want to do testing and report bugs to KDE. Bye
>why not experimental, or even separate temporary repository with betas of
> KDE? it really helps to polish software before release.

It's not an issue of desire as much as it is an issue of manpower.  The team 
need more man-hours per week for triaging and fixing bugs as well as 
packaging and testing new versions.

Also, Sid is meant for packages that should be suitable for stable release 
at some point, it is rare that alpha/beta software qualifies.  I wouldn't 
say most recent RC releases from the KDE project qualify either.  
Experimental could contain that software, but only as time permits for the 
maintainers; it doesn't for the Debian Qt/KDE team.
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