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Re: KDE 4.3 RC

El Miércoles 01 Julio 2009 17:55:31 Modestas Vainius escribió:
> I'm afraid, the answer is no (and sorry for that). The first release will 
> probably be 4.3.0 but hopefully in time or a bit delayed due to NEW.

Ok. Well, I suppose 3.0 will be very rich in bugs to report too, XD.

> And I 
> hope "RC for testing and reporting bugs" you meant reporting them to 
> bugs.kde.org rather than bugs.debian.org ;)

Hehe. Yes, I meant that (even if bugs reported or confirmed seem to die in the limbo of the reported bugs, :p), or also, for those without the knowledge to provide the necessary details for a decent report in bugs.kde.org, mention them in forum.kde.org; unless we can't find info of the same bugs in other distros, in which case it's normal we ask in debian-kde list before reporting them to bugs.kde.org, ;).

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