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Re: KDE 4.3 RC


On 2009 m. July 1 d., Wednesday 18:32:11 Manolete, ese artista... wrote:
> As far as I've read it seems that isn't going to be a 4.2.5 release for KDE
> (correct me if I'm worng) since developers prfer to concentrate on
> polishing 4.3, so my question I think is previsible: Shall we  have 4.3 RC1
> for Debian? I know y'all, mantainers, decided not to loose you scarce time
> in packaging betas of 4.3; but what about this RC for testing and reporting
> bugs?

I'm afraid, the answer is no (and sorry for that). The first release will 
probably be 4.3.0 but hopefully in time or a bit delayed due to NEW. And I 
hope "RC for testing and reporting bugs" you meant reporting them to 
bugs.kde.org rather than bugs.debian.org ;)

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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