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Re: Images in Kmail

On Friday 26 June 2009 09:00:43 pm Pedro González wrote:
> Hello to all.
> I want to insert some diagrams in my mails with explaining texts
> below them, all in different paragraphs, but I don't find any
> option to do it in Kmail. I've selected html format, but there's
> no botton or whatever to insert images, all I can do is attach
> them whithout any order. Am I missing something or Kmail is just
> unable to do what I want?
> Sorry if my question is silly, I come from Windows, and till now,
> this is the only feature I am missing.
> Best regards.

An better approach might be to attach a pdf file with the content 
and the pictures. Many people (I am one) assume that any 
html-bearing email is SPAM or worse and either delete without 
reading or route to a special folder for special review. My html 
folder fills up rapidly and I can delete 98% of items just by title 
alone without opening them. 

John Culleton
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