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Re: Images in Kmail

Hi Pedro,

your question is not silly but your quest is futile:

the email standards do not work that way

the fact that kmail does not do what your other mailer seems to do (you _see_ 
it but behind different things happen) should tell you that the recipients of 
your mail have many different programs to read (event do not take that 
literally) the mail you send.

You will have to go the extra mile and make an attachment to your mail. One 
easy way would be to save a text document from Open Office Writer as a pdf.

> Hello to all.
> I want to insert some diagrams in my mails with explaining texts below
> them, all in different paragraphs, but I don't find any option to do it in
> Kmail. I've selected html format, but there's no botton or whatever to
> insert images, all I can do is attach them whithout any order. Am I missing
> something or Kmail is just unable to do what I want?
> Sorry if my question is silly, I come from Windows, and till now, this is
> the only feature I am missing.
> Best regards.

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