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Re: KDE 4.2.4 features (read: current irritations I'd like help with)

On Суббота 27 июня 2009 02:35:34 jedd wrote:
>  [x] button at right of konqueror location bar - even when I config
>  the toolbars to move it to the left, it doesn't actually relocate this
>  (but the toolbar config believes it has).  Worked with 2.4.2.

>  UP/BACK/FORWARD buttons in konqueror don't have any visibility
>  in any of the config-toolbars - previously (2.4.2) I was able to put
>  the UP where I prefer it (above the BACK/FORWARD). 
Alt+Up, Alt+Left, Alt+Right

using keyboard is faster than mouse.

>  konq - view-document-source - pulls up OpenOffice Writer .. which
>  would just be irritating, but for the fact that it doesn't show any
>  source at all, but a re-interpretation of the HTML.  I've looked
>  thru all file associations, and modified the one (htmlh) that ref'd
>  oowriter back to kate.  No joy.  Not sure if this worked in 2.4.2
i think a bug report against ooo packages should be filled, but I'm not sure.

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