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Re: KMail - 4.2.4 outdated documentation...?

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. said:

> In <[🔎] 200906181500.34570.pcn@pogt.dk>, Peder Chr. Nørgaard wrote:
>>	Can someone, preferrably one of the packagers, talk about the 
state of
>> the documentation of KMail?  I mean, it is really miserable.  If
>> someone at the KDE upstream is known to be working on it, I'll just
>> wait patiently.  But if not, I offer my assistance in updating it.
> Don't wait, collaborate.  However, to the best of my knowledge no one
> has announced they are actively working on KMail documentation.
> You might check #kde, #debian-kde, and #kde-docs on freenode, as well as
> the kde-devel, kde-linux, and kde-doc-english mailing lists @
> mail.kde.org.

Just so you know, Ubuntu doesn't supply any help system with kmail; it's 
completely empty.

I believe this to be wrong, because it makes collaborating to improve the 
docs impossible.


"Change requires small steps."

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