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KMail - 4.2.4 outdated documentation...?

Hello Debian packagers of KDE.
	Regrettably I have reached the same conclusion as a number of other posters 
to this mailing list.  After being a happy user of Debian "unstable" and the 
associated/developing KDE packages for four+ years, also through the KDE 2->3 
transition, I have had to step back for a while.  The 3->4 transition, even 
with 4.2.4, is too much.  KMail, the most crucial tool for my day-to-day 
use - the first graphical MUA that I have ever been satisfied with, that 
allows me to work as a "power user" -  is simply not up to mark, even in 
4.2.4.  I have found it necessary to freeze my day-to-day PC at "lenny" and 
it will stay there until I find that KMail is working properly again.
	But I don't intend to whine.  That is not proper - to whine about something 
that comes to you for free... No, I want to help.
	There are a long list of aspects of KMail 4.2.4 that I am not comfortable 
with.  But the first obstacle, at least in the Debian packaging, is, that the 
documentation is something like four years out of sync.  If you do an "F1" in 
4.2.4 KMail, you get a text that is called Revision 1.7 (2004-07-13).  And it 
really is 2004.  It does not talk about 4.2.4 at all - basically I think it is 
about a KDE 2 version of KMail, marginally useful for the KDE 3 version, 
completely useless for KDE 4.
	For instance, I would dearly like an elaboration of the statement "You do not 
have to use your mouse to use KMail. Everything can be done by using Keyboard 
Shortcuts.".  That statement does not seem to be true in 4.2.4, at the very 
least the list of shortcuts is - excuse the pun - too short.
	Can someone, preferrably one of the packagers, talk about the state of the 
documentation of KMail?  I mean, it is really miserable.  If someone at 
the KDE upstream is known to be working on it, I'll just wait patiently.  But 
if not, I offer my assistance in updating it.  I am not without experience in 
reading code and translating it into user documentation.
best regards
				Peder Chr. Nørgaard

Peder Chr. Nørgaard     e-mail: pcn@pogt.dk
Gefionsvej 19
DK-8230 Åbyhøj          tel: +45 87 44 11 99
Denmark                 mob: +45 30 91 84 31

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